Delivery of innovation applications

We perform complete span of the services to create, implement and host solutions based on www and mobile applications within the full product life cycle which encompass:

  • client’s business requirements analysis
  • solution concept design,
  • business and technical architecture solution design,
  • prototyping, demo verification and pilot implementation,
  • developing business applications and server solution,
  • integration and implementation services,
  • hosting, service and maintenance of the solution.

The solutions design can be based on SOA architecture or other integration solutions.

Architecture design and system integration

We design application architecture and integration solution :

  • system architecture,
  • integration architecture and preparation of implementation strategy based on SOA model and business management processes (BPM),
  • audit and system optimizing regarding the system performance and processing big data.

IT technology consulting services and project management

We advise our clients on technology selection to achieve the required business goal.

We provide project management services according to well established methodologies – the choice is dependent on requirements and capacities of the customer and is tailored to the scale of the project complexity.


Mobile solution menu2go

We created, among the others business applications, an unique solution for restaurant market menu2go , which enables restaurant to provide its clients with presenting menu, making orders with delivery or take away and handle payments on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Application is also a communication platform which for example informs the clients about promotions and communicates with social portals. Application can be customized according to marketing style guides, different logos for a single restaurant or network. Application can be published in App Store or Google Play under restaurant’s brand.

Internet service menu2go provide a restaurant with the portal for the managing online orders and straightforward tool for changing menu and defining promotions.

More information regarding functionalities and the advantages of using menu2go service can be found at